About Us

Owner1Bespoke Bhutan Tours is owned and operated by Tshering Norbu (known as Norbu).

Norbu was a senior guide in Bhutan, for thirteen years, with the luxury international hotel chain, Aman Resorts.  He has also worked as a freelance guide and has accompanied hundreds of guests on trips right across the country, ranging from a few days to several weeks.

Norbu has completed numerous treks in Bhutan, including Jhomolhari, Ligshi/Laya/Gasa,  Druk Path and the infamous Snowman Trek. Many of these treks have been undertaken with Heather McNeice from Australia and Krista Waddell from the USA. Heather and Krista have, for a number of years, organised trekking trips to Bhutan to raise funds for the Australian Himalayan Foundation’s girls’ education program in Bhutan, run in conjunction with local NGO, RENEW.   Norbu has facilitated meetings with isolated schools and RENEW-sponsored students for Heather and Krista’s trekking groups.

He has organised a number of trips for officials from the World Wildlife Fund, including bird-watching and has undertaken whitewater rafting training from World class anglers from United States, bird and wildlife spotting hikes in Manas National Park, along Bhutan’s tropical southern border.

Norbu now runs Bespoke Bhutan Tours, offering tailor-made trips to Bhutan for individuals and small groups.

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